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Edison student wins best delegate

Megan Grondine, staff writer
March 28, 2012
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Model UN is an extracurricular organization where students travel to confrences held in Maryland or Virginia. While at the conference, each student is in charge of acting like they are a UN Delegate from the country they are given. Students are given a topic for the counrty they are representing and work to preserve the rights of the people and find solutions to world problems.They learn about the postion their country is currently in and are expected to engage, debate, and discuss concenses on the issue provided.

In January, the students made their way to Gar-Field High School for their frist confernece. “Most of the members were very nervous to be there at first, but afterwards they said that the conference was a great experience,” said Junior Yasmine Bekheet. John Roddy, Domonique Rowinski, Meron Belayneh, and Bekheet left Gar-Field as winners.

Bekheet also won Best Delegate at Thomas Jefferson High School. Best Delegates must be good writers, debators, speakers and researches in order to work successfully to get others to agree with them. To win, you have to have a formal debate, make your point, and talk a lot. “It is not about what school you are from, but how you represent yourself as a delegate from that country,” said Bekheet. Yasmine demonstrated all of those characteristics when she acted as the UN Delegate of Colombia. She discussed the rights of indigenous people of colombia and making reserves in other countries for property rights.

Steven Pagach was supposed to be her partner in the conference, but had to drop out before hand. “I did not think I would be able to be successful in the conference alone, especially since it was my first time experiencing a meeting without a partner. I was so surprised to win Best Delegate at Thomas Jefferson High School,” said Bekheet.

Bekheet has been a part of Model UN for four years and is now the Secretary General of the club. She was able to convince sponsor Joseph Adelman to continue sponsoring Model UN for many years to come.

Although a competitive club, students get to learn a lot about other countries and why they make the decisions they make. They are able to debate with others and influence students opinions to accept the way they think and help to understand the situation the country is in.

“Model UN is fun. Students get to meet and interact with others from all over the place. It’s helpful with speaking skills in front of a big, supoortive group inside a safe, understanding, and tolerant environment,” said Adelman.

To recruit new members, Model UN is going to host an interest meeting in late May and another September. Both meetings will be targeted towards freshmen and sophomores. The club has tried a variety of ways to ensure parictipation but a few problems. Being a good delegate takes a lot of prepartion and students often get really busy so they don’t have time to prepare for a conference. The conferences are also held on Saturdays, and many students do not like to give up their weekend.

By the end of this year, Adelman hopes to have new members of Model UN to take to a conference held by Marshall High School to train the newcomers. The conference is usually held on the last Saturday of September, or the first Saturday of October. It is mainly for newly joined members of the club, but it also benefits relatively inexperienced veterans as well.


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